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kalaallit nunaat/grønland/greenland: transparency of change

Greenland is a land of extreme conditions.
The biggest island on earth. The most sparsely populated state of the planet. A country of unemployment, the highest suicide rate, alcohol abuse and exodus. A land where life is ruled by nature. A countryside in which industrialized apartment blocks look over ice. A country striving for independence. A state in total dependency of aid from Denmark.

Globalization and dependence has whipped the Greenlandic society into modern shapes. A higher standard of living, restrictions on traditional hunting and the arrival of modern technologies are attracting the people to newly build apartment blocks and ever growing towns, their lives are changed abruptly.

This personal documentary of the countryside and its people aims to show the current state of Greenland, which is a long way off the stereotypical perception of Greenland in outside media.

The project as a whole has been realized as a photobook with interviews and a short movie. Shot in West & North Greenland, 2016
Film sponsored by Kodak Alaris

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