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// kalaallit nunaat/grønland/greenland:
transparency of change

This personal documentary of the countryside and its people aims to show the current state of Greenland, which is a long way off the stereotypical perception of Greenland in outside media.

// Artists
Portraits of Actors, Writers,
Illustrators & Musicians

// Theater

// Portraits I

// Barcelona Beach Boys
"You could limit your human existence to filling your shape with a muscle"

// Lifelines
Telling the lifestory of each individual, these clothes are more than just fabric sown together. They are someones history that can be worn.

// Tell your home a story
“A home filled with nothing but yourself. It's heavy, that lightness. It's crushing, that emptiness.”

// Portraits II

49°40’37.383”N 13°15’28.810”E
A abanonded area, roped off by nets. The former military buildings of once powerful Udssr are now used for a different kind of warfare.