Sandra Singh Design Portfolio Film Photography Fotografie Design Fashion 35mm analog Munich

49°40’37.383”N 13°15’28.810”E

A abanonded area, roped off by nets. The former military buildings of once powerful Udssr are now used for a different kind of warfare.

Every year, many germans cross the border to the Czech Republic to play a martial sport in authentic locations: paintball.
Paintball is legal in Germany, but restricted. Mostly played in halls or safe outdoor locations, signs or clothes, even names, related to anything military are forbidden.
When approached, most players deny that they're playing at war. Yet, we traveled far to be able to play in military clothing, in a former military zone.

During my two day stay, I played 6 hours of paintball. Did we play at war? Or was war just the setting?

University assignment - Photojournalism
Supervision: Fr. Renate Niebler

Handmade books in case
Hahnemühle Paper

PPA Paintball Pilsen
Czech Republic